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Treat your dog to Beneful® Healthy Smile and Baked Delights® dog snacks. Your dog will love discovering the delightful varieties, tastes and textures of these treats!
Support every moment of your puppy's development with tips on proper feeding and nutrition and pointers on what to look forward to throughout his first year.
Does your dog howl for Chopped Blends™, hunger for Medleys or beg for Beneful® Prepared Meals™? Does he prefer more sauce or less in his wet food? Does he like mixing wet food with dry for the best of both worlds?
Whether your dog is an Originals lover, a Beneful® newcomer, a little guy who wants kibble made just for him, or an adventurer who needs some extra nourishment, help him stay healthy and happy with these feeding recommendations.
After a hard day at work, there's nothing like hanging out in the back yard with your best friend. Creating a fun, dog-friendly outdoor space is easier than you think—and makes a great escape for both of you that is always waiting right outside your back door!
Few things bring more joy and love into our lives than puppies. With every wag and wiggle, they steal our hearts a little more. But inevitably, your new playmate's behaviour may baffle you. If you're picking out a new pup or it's been a while since you've raised one, here are some insights into understanding your new arrival.

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Consider investing in nail clippers specially contoured for dogs. You could also use a Dremel or PediPaws tool to file the nails as an alternative to clipping them.

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With winter weather on its way, it’s time to grab your dog’s snow boots and play, play, play! Although a dog’s paws are tough and strong, they need protecting while making snow angels.
You don't always have to be nose-to-nose on the couch or playing fetch in the yard to bond with your dog. Regular grooming can be another opportunity to grow closer together.
Just like you, your new companion needs regular grooming. And the earlier you start him, the more accustomed to it he will be. In fact, it will become something you both enjoy—a bonding opportunity to pour on the fun!

What could be more loving or more adorable than a puppy? The beating little heart, the nourishing, lashing tail, the lapping tongue. We couldn't imagine our life without the love and attention of a playful puppy.

For as many great times as we share with our puppies, watching them learn and discover their new world, there are some things they do that amaze us.